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Sami art festival

– Sámi Dáiddafestivála – Samisk kunstfestival – Sami art festival – “40 jagi”

Sami art festival


F: Sámi Dáiddafestivála

Instagram: Sámi Dáiddafestivála

An art festival directed by SDS-Sámi Dáiddačehpiid Searvi / Sámi Artists Union that turns 40 years in 2019.

We celebrate Sami art, its distinctive character, strength, diversity and identity.

We show the effects of the hard political and cultural struggle during the Alta actions 40 years ago on the survival of Sami culture, nature and society and the stamp it has left on Sami art to this day.

We focus on Sami visual art, which has been and is, a vital factor in the fight for Sami rights and Sami culture.

We show Sami art from several genres through interdisciplinary projects, art exhibitions, performances, street art, art videos, art actions, poetry recitals, theatre, literature, music and more.

We present the members of the association and their works, we create a natural meeting place, most willingly in interaction with other artists. We make a dialogue between the artists and the audience.

We want to engage youth through a creative project on life management and joy of life and we want to collect the generations in collaboration on art and craft projects.

40jagi Hovedplakat